Anxiety Protocol was written to help people overcome anxiety in natural and self-reliant ways. As a psychiatrist, I could only help the patients that I saw in the clinic, but I was aware that there were many more patients who suffer from anxiety who were not receiving treatment. It is astonishing that 18% of adults have anxiety, yet the majority do not receive treatment. Then it dawned on me to reach these people, I needed to write a book that was based on my clinical experience helping people with anxiety, and based on the latest research regarding effective treatments for anxiety. It turns out that online self-help courses are very helpful for anxiety, and there are multiple research studies showing self-help to be a viable alternative to seeing the doctor or a counsellor for person-to-person psychotherapy. So instead of just helping the patients in the clinic, I could help countless others through writing this book, Anxiety Protocol. Self-help is something all of us psychiatrists utilize with patients who suffer from anxiety. In the clinic, we teach patients how to use the techniques and concepts so that they can help themselves, and become more self-reliant. As patients get better, they become more self-reliant, and eventually carry out all of the techniques and coping skills taught to them by their doctor…the patients become experts at anxiety and learn how to cope themselves. This process of recovery and self-reliance is carried out in therapy visits…so why not just cut to the chase and show people how to help themselves, right from the beginning? This is why I wrote Anxiety Protocol, to help people help themselves.

Certainly, if you have a severe case of anxiety disorder, or if you would prefer to see someone in person, then please see your doctor or a counsellor. However, if you have milder anxiety, and you would rather get on with it yourself in natural and self-reliant ways, then Anxiety Protocol is the answer for you. Anxiety Protocol will help you to eradicate anxiety from your life.

Dr. Carlo Carandang, MD, FAPA